4 Tips For Choosing The Right Sunglasses For You


If you want to change your sunglasses but don’t know which ones, visit american optical and discover our tips for choosing the right ones.

4 Tips For Choosing The Right Sunglasses

The ideal glasses are those that express your personality while protecting the health of your eyes. To combine well-being with your style, we’ve brought you some essential tips that will help you choose the most suitable sunglasses for you:

Define the conditions of use: to choose your sunglasses such as Original Pilot, it is essential to know when, where, and how you will wear them. The color of the lenses, the shape of the frame, and its size may be suitable for a relaxed atmosphere but inappropriate for formal conditions. It is common for people to have different sunglasses for each occasion, even for aesthetic reasons, since they are also fashion accessories and protection.

Choose a model that suits your face shape: glasses with rounded and oval shapes match square and diamond-shaped faces, while square frames flatter more rounded faces. The Aviator model is distinguished by flattering all face shapes.

Choose a comfortable pair of glasses: a good pair of sunglasses needs to be comfortable for your ears and the bridge of your nose; after all, they will withstand the frame’s strain for hours, so it’s worth trying on well. The model to avoid discomfort.

Value the protection in your sunglasses: The protection factor is why everyone should own at least one pair of sunglasses. However, this protection requires high-quality lenses with technologies suitable for your needs.

Sunglasses Models Available At Essilor

To choose the sunglasses best suited to your needs, Essilor has different specialized product lines:

The lenses transitions can vary the intensity of darkening and lightening according to conditions and changes in ambient light, intelligently transitioning from light to dark as you step out of the building into the street, for example. In addition, they stand out because they can be complemented with a specific anti-reflective treatment to increase protection against harmful blue-violet light.

This type of lens is essential for those who suffer from photosensitivity. With Transitions, it is possible always to be protected from different light intensities, and people with limitations in the retina mustn’t lose definition as the brightness in the environment changes.

Already the lenses were developed for those who have prolonged direct contact with sunlight and, therefore, can be polarized or mirrored to contain the incidence of harmful UV rays, reduce eye fatigue and prevent reflections from water, snow, and sand from disturbing the view. Vision.

This set of properties is ideal for those who work and practice sports outdoors and need protection combined with clear vision and comfort.

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