Face Lotion Ingredients for Dry Skin 


Shopping for the perfect skincare regime can be kind of tricky. With all the different skin types, buying a specific cream or face wash is something that you have to research wisely. Some people have dry skin while others tend to be on the oilier side. 

Sometimes seeing the “for oily or dry skin” on a bottle is simply not enough. You have to read the ingredients to find the perfect lotion for dry skin. If you are unsure what ingredients are bad or good for oily skin, we got you covered. Below are a few ingredients to consider if you are trying to find lotion for dry skin. 


One thing to look for in your lotion’s ingredients is the word, “Dimethicone.” This ingredient is found in many different skincare products and can help with those that suffer from dry skin. Dimethicone is found in quite a few necessary skincare products. 

For example, you will see it in toners, moisturizers, and primers and for a good reason. This ingredient can help fill in the gaps and smooth over uneven lines. It creates a smooth but flawless look that makes consumers look a little younger and vibrant. 


If you have ever used vaseline, you know that it will smooth out and provide an unmatched level of protection for dry skin. One main reason why it does that is since petroleum is a smoothing agent. If you see this ingredient in lotion, you know that you are getting a good and high-quality product. It will retain water and cause your skin to look nourished and feel healthy. 

Hyaluronic Acid 

You are also going to see Hyaluronic Acid featured in many skincare products and that is for a good reason. Hyaluronic acid can plump and soften skin. 

This one of two ingredients found on this list that you are going to see on this list that is already featured in the composition of the human body. Unfortunately, like with everything that ages the quality of this particular component in our body will deplete over time so it needs to be replenished. 

A reason why beauty creators added this element to this skincare products is they are aware of that fact. 


Glycerin is also an ingredient used in skincare products that are also found in the human body as well. This element is composed of fats and sugars and is found in not only animals but plants as well. 

This particular component of skincare lotions will help nourish and hydrate the skin because it retains water. It also attracts water from specific parts of the environment adding moisture to surface layers of the skin. Glycerin can help with the upkeep of the skin’s outer barrier and can help with dryness and flaking. 

So if you have itchy, dry, or flaky skin, you need to invest in a product that goes heavy on the glycerin. 


Ceramides are found in the skin and are found in the skin’s outer layer and they help maintain the moisture barrier in the outer layer of the skin. 

Think of it this way, your house is composed strictly of bricks and thus you should think of your skin in a similar fashion. Like bricks hold a house together, cells serve as the bricks in this scenario when it comes to skin. 

You are going to want to make sure that those bricks are protected for not only cosmetic purposes but specifically to keep the skin protected. Studies have shown that those people that have lower ceramides in their skin tend to have more damaged skin. They notice scaly, and itchy skin that can only be restored through a great skincare regime. 

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