How not to get smelly shoes


Have you ever taken your shoes off and just couldn’t bare the smell? I don’t think anybody likes smelly shoes. I’m sure many people have been embarrassed or are embarrassed to take off their shoes around people for this exact reason. It doesn’t have to be like this though. So how do we stop the embarrassment? Let’s find out how to not or no longer get smelly shoes.

Avoiding stinky shoes is possible. Here are a few key ways to avoid stinky shoes:

  • Wash your feet thoroughly.
    • Don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row.
  • Apply a foot powder.
  • Baking soda + coffee filter.
  • Rubbing alcohol + spray bottle.
  • Change your socks daily.

Washing your feet thoroughly is key. Bacteria on your feet tends to build up quickly. To help fight the spread of bacteria on your feet you must wash them in the shower thoroughly. I mean like you wash the rest of your body thoroughly. After getting out of the shower, it is very important that you completely dry off your feet. Make sure to focus on the areas in between the toes. Make sure you do this before putting on your shoes to avoid having them smell. Never put on shoes with wet or damp feet. This will help avoid smelly shoes.

We all have that one favorite pair of shoes that we like to wear on a daily basis. There’s nothing wrong with that, well except if you want to end up with smelly shoes. Why is this we ask. It’s because your shoes need time to air out. Wearing the same shoes everyday doesn’t give them enough time to air out. So if you don’t want smelly shoes it’s best if you have more than one pair of shoes to rotate throughout the week.

Another simple, fairly inexpensive thing you can do is apply foot powder on a daily basis. After washing and drying your feet of course. Especially if you tend to have sweaty feet. Men do this before putting on your mens socks and your shoes to help avoid the stink. You can buy foot powder fairly inexpensive pretty much anywhere. Trust me, I dont think youd mind spending a few bucks to help avoid smelly shoes.

Another trick you can try is using baking soda. I’m sure we all have baking soda in our homes. Mainly to help keep your refrigerators smelling fresh. Well guess what. It could do the same for your smelly shoes. How does this work you ask. Well simply fill an unused coffee filter with baking soda and just tie the end with a rubber band or tape. Whatever works. Then all you do is place the coffee filters in your shoes at the end of the day and leave them overnight. That’s it, a fairly simple process.

Another simple trick is filling up a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. Then spraying your shoes with it. The alcohol works by killing any bacteria in sight. Just a light spray will do, make sure not to over saturate your poor shoes.

Nobody wants to have stinky feet and smelly shoes. Nobody wants to be around people with stinky feet and smelly shoes. If you have this problem, there are different things you can try. Also make sure you’re changing your socks daily. Nothing too difficult, mainly just simple everyday hygiene. So if you have this issue, try some of these things, something has to work. Let’s say goodbye to stinky feet and smelly shoes!!!

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