How to protect your wallet


Wallet Vulnerability

Everyone worries about their wallet being stolen or lost. After all, it’s where you probably store your cash, credit cards, debit cards, driving licenses, and so on. If it got stolen it would flip your world upside down. People who go traveling a lot are at high risk of being pickpocketed and it can always end up playing on your mind and stressing you out. Luckily for you this article contains all kinds of tips, tricks, and methods to protect your wallet from being stolen. Keep on reading to find out how!

Prepare before you leave the home

There are a few steps you can take before you even leave your house to protect your wallet or, at the least, ensure what’s in your wallet isn’t lost forever.

  • Make copies of your passport, debit cards, credit cards, driving license and other bank info.
  • Get insurance on valuables like your phone or anything electronic you may keep in your wallet.
  • Take a photo of your wallet and its contents for search purposes or for proof of certain things.

Store your money in different places

Try your best not to keep all your cash in your wallet, put some in your jean or trouser pockets, or, even a hoodie pocket if you have them. If your money is distributed across your person then a pickpocket will only end up taking a fraction of all your money. This is still really annoying, and scary but it’s better than having all of your money taken isn’t it?

Be alert in crowded areas

Always check your surroundings in crowded areas. It can be easy to zone out and feel safe because you’re surrounded by plenty of people. However, other people aren’t paying attention either and it can be really easy for a trained pickpocket to approach you and take your wallet without you even feeling a thing. Always try to put your wallet in your front pockets rather than your back pockets, you’re more likely to notice something from your front and this discourages pickpockets from trying to steal from your front pockets.

Buy an RFID blocking wallet

As technology advances and more people are using cards rather than cash pickpockets have advanced with the times too. Pickpockets now sometimes use an RFID skimmer which can extract your card details and information without you ever knowing. The pickpockets don’t even need to get your wallet, they can scan it through your clothes. The solution to this is to buy an RFID blocking wallet. Rfid wallets are made of special materials that the RFID scanners can’t penetrate so your card details will remain safe!.

Only carry important items when you need to

There’s no point on taking out more than you need to. If you know you’re not going to use much cash or you’re not going to need your credit card then just leave it at home where it’ll be much safer. This means the potential for important things to get stolen is less and you have less to check for every time you stand up or go somewhere.

We hope this helped!

We know that getting pickpocketed can be an awful experience. That’s one of the reasons we wrote this article for you. Follow some of our simple tips laid out here and you shouldn’t have to worry as much as you once did about getting pickpocketed. As we said though, pickpockets have kept up with the times, the biggest threats right now come from RFID skimmers. If you take anything away from this article it’s that you should at the least invest in an RFID protected wallet.

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