Online Shopper’s Bible: Buying CBD Products as a gift


In this new age of purchasing online, gift guides and consumer guides are becoming increasingly popular and helpful for Internet buyers. What is an online gift guide? It is a guide to something or someone, often including information on the company the gift is from and often including a review of that particular product, its pros and cons, and the benefits of giving the gift. As an Internet shopper looking to buy CBD products as a gift, I was excited to find such a guide.

I am a retired accountant. My wife has always had a passion for anything to do with finance and the stock market. As a result, she has always been interested in learning more about investing, especially stocks and bonds. She is also interested in home investments. We have always researched our own investments and on rare occasions borrowed money from family or friends to do so. I decided that I wanted to give my wife one of those gifts that would help her in our investments, so I began looking for an informative guide to CBD products as gifts.

As I began searching, I really had trouble finding a good gift guide. My search spanned both online and offline retailers, but I didn’t find one that would be able to provide me with the level of detail that I was looking for. Most products offered were focused on medical purposes, such as pain relief or treatments of serious diseases.

When it comes to an active ingredient, there are two main categories of oils and extracts that are used for skincare and/or cosmetics. One of the main active ingredients for cosmetics and one of the main active ingredients for medical treatments are pharmaceutical grade essential oils, also called botanical oils. So when looking to purchase CBD products as gifts, the first thing that I had to decide was whether to get a pharmaceutical grade product or a botanical one. After doing a little bit of research on the subject, I learned that they are basically the same thing.

Once I had made this decision, I set out to do some research to learn what each active ingredient was and how it was used. I found that CBD oil is basically made from the stems and leaves of the cannabis plant. The plant is actually more abundant in the CBD than it is in THC, which is the psychoactive substance that produces a “high”. It seems that CBD is much more efficient in converting THC into its inactive form. That discovery lead me to think of CBD as a better treatment for a number of medical conditions and some cosmetic ones, as well.

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