Switchview DS Fold Down Lever: Change your Scope Magnification in Seconds


Whether you are passionate about gaming, hunting, or playing for keeps, you want to have all the time in the world to make the most out of your experience. Many enthusiasts have embraced throw levers that have made practical competition upgrades becoming tactical. Throw levers are designed to offer you the ability to change your variable optic’s magnification level. As they offer you a more mechanical advantage, they are both easier and faster.

When you Need a Throw Lever

In a lot of situations in practical shooting, you will have to change from one magnification to another. This can happen many times in one stage. And this could also take place in hunting. While you may have an 8-power scope, the scope’s zoom lever is not easy to manipulate. Because of the amount of built-in friction involved, you must use a throw lever to increase the torque. If you don’t have the luxury of time, you want to have the ability to change from 1 power to 6 or 8 power, for example, quickly and maybe back again in the shortest time frame. Also, the tail makes it easier to find the zoom function with your fingers because your eyes may not be focusing on the scope but the next target.

The Switchview DS fold down lever is a must-have if you want a tool that you can use in a wide variety of scopes. This double-screw design makes sure the lever fits on a wider range of models. A throw lever like this is ideal for competition, hunting, and if you will use the higher magnification scopes, for long-range shooting.

More Awesome Features of Switch View Throw Levers

Switch View throw levers are designed to add flexibility to your rifle scope. It lets you change magnification in seconds while you keep your eye on the scope. These rifle scope accessories provide you with the leverage you need to adjust your scope zoom without any hassle. You only have to install this accessory over the rifle scope’s power ring and you can change the power of the cope by simply twisting the lever. If you want even greater features, consider the Switch View + Zoom Adjust Throw Lever, which is made from hard-anodized, lightweight aluminum. This accessory is expected to last as long as your rifle. With this tool, you can be sure to zoom in and out with ease.

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