The Best Salwar Suits for Women of Different Body Shapes


Synonymous with grace and elegance, a salwar kameez is a timeless piece of women’s ethnic wear that never goes out of vogue. The best thing about a salwar suit is that it is absolutely comfortable to be worn on a daily basis, but at the same time it is also offered in trendy designs that make it the perfect attire for all your big and small celebrations. Thanks to its versatility and charm, it has emerged as one of the most sought-after traditional ensembles.

Salwar suits have the ability to enhance the natural beauty of every woman, regardless of her body shape. Easy to style and carry off, the right salwar kameez can go a long way in boosting your confidence and helping you create a great impression on onlookers! While shopping for this outfit, it is important to opt for pieces that accentuate your figure and let you flaunt the finest version of yourself.

Following are the best salwar suits for women of different body shapes:

  • Apple shaped body

Women with an apple shaped body have a heavier upper body and slim lower body, which means that they need to select a salwar kameez that takes away the focus from their torso. Avoid body-hugging materials that stick to your frame and highlight your problem areas. If you have an apple shaped figure, then loose and flowy salwar suits crafted from fabrics like silk and cotton are your safest bet. A dark-coloured Punjabi salwar kameez with minimal designs will look fabulous on this body type!

  • Pear shaped body

If you have a pear shaped body, it means that you have a slender upper body and a bulkier bottom. Such women should always pick salwar suits that focus on their slim waist and divert attention away from their hips. A floor-length Anarkali salwar kameez adorned with intricate embroidery is a fantastic option for you if you have a pear-shaped figure. It accentuates your torso and flares from above the waistline, giving you the perfect look you desire! When it comes to fabrics, you should always go for lightweight materials like chiffon and Georgette to avoid adding more bulk to your frame.

  • Straight shaped body

You have limitless choices in salwar suits if you have a straight shaped body. Women with this body type have an athletic figure, a flat stomach, and an elongated upper body. Although any style of salwar kameez or kurti for women can work well on this body shape, a palazzo salwar suit with balloon sleeves can add more volume to your slim frame and help you stand out.

  • Hourglass shaped body

The dream figure of every woman, you are incredibly lucky if you are blessed with an hourglass shaped body. A full bust, slim waist, round hips, and slender legs are the attributes of this attractive body type. Such women should opt for body-fitting salwar suits made of fabrics like Georgette and chiffon to highlight their gorgeous curves.

So, these are the best salwar suits for women that are perfect for different body types. Whether it is a salwar kameez or a kurti pant set, you should always choose designs that flatter your body shape.

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