What Are The Criteria For A First Piano?


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, playing the piano from san diego music store for example is always a good idea!

A pianist who practices as a hobby invests less than one who devotes all his daily free time to learning new piano pieces. And as a result, he progresses less quickly or can even stand still, depending on his regularity.

It’s no secret that good piano players are often the most personally involved. This is also how Frédéric Chopin became what he is today in the collective imagination. Courage, you will get there!

Playing the piano and having one at home is, therefore, expensive; that is a fact. The purchaser of a piano bears a financial material cost.

But having a piano also represents immaterial costs, such as personal working time or the energy, motivation, and will to progress that is deployed.

In short, having a piano is an investment on all fronts, so it is essential to know why you want to learn it. But also and above all: to always remember, even during the slack, that there is a good reason.

And there are many of them: discovering yourself, going to concerts, working on your musical ear, and developing your talent; in short, so many reasons why, yes, buying a piano can be a good idea. And even: a very good one! Does it interest you? Now for the substantial part: the purchase!

How To Buy Your Piano?

To buy a piano that suits you, you must scrutinize several parameters. Parameters that will define both the type of piano you need, but also the budget you can put into it, and the use you will make of it.

How To Progress Quickly And Become A Good Pianist?

Taking the time to choose the right piano allows for good learning.

To buy a piano, you must:

  • be aware of the investment made
  • establish a maximum budget
  • know the reason why we buy it
  • inspect your neighborhood if you live in a building (yes!)
  • compare the characteristics, the sounds, the options, the finish, and possibly the brands of the pianos offered for sale
  • look at pianos that are in your price range
  • buy a piano according to your current level and your level of play in the future
  • know how you will learn to play: take piano, online, etc.
  • Evaluate the space available inside your home

Depending on the size of the room where you install your first piano like yamaha clavinova digital piano for example, the sound will be changed: we prefer an electronic piano in a studio rather than an upright piano and a grand piano in a large room with high ceilings. It’s all about individual cases now. But we are here to help you choose!

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