What Do Ear Seeds Do?


Ear Seeds are Based on Chinese Medicine.

If you were to ask the average person on the street how they feel at any given time, and they were to answer honestly, they would probably tell you that something hurts. 

Our jobs require us to move in ways our bodies just were not designed to, and our brains are taxed daily with a thousand times more stimuli than we are really able to handle. This taxes our body and leads to the feelings of fatigue, stress, and general malaise that we are all too used to.

You already know all of this. So the real question is, what can you do about it? One option that many people are trying now is ear seed therapy. Ear seeds use traditional Chinese acupressure points to relieve a huge array of symptoms. 

The Ear Affects the Whole Body.

The ear has dozens of acupressure points, that connect to both systems and specific organs. By stimulating those pressure points, ear seeds can encourage systemic health, alleviate pain in certain parts of the body, or reduce stress. 

These pressure points have been studied in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, and acupressure practitioners are able to aid with all manner of ailment.

Ear seeds work by stimulating these pressure points with a small “seed”, usually a stud or gem. The seeds are placed based on a chart to treat the specific issues you are worried about, whether it be chronic pain or substance abuse. 

In Traditional Chinese medicine, the meridian pathways are the routes for energy flow throughout the body. When this pathway is interrupted, it causes the entire body’s well being to suffer. Acupuncture and acupressure seek to restore the balance to these pathways. 

Ear Seeds are the Perfect Example of Form Meeting Function. 

It is rare to find a treatment for anything that also looks great. 

Ear seeds come in an array of materials and styles since the only thing they have in common is the ability to impact a specific pressure point. This means that you can match ear seeds to your look, or you can choose a neutral style that doesn’t stand out. 

By placing the ear seeds on your meridian pressure points, you impact your brain chemistry, helping it to heal your whole body. That is a lot for a simple piece of jewelry to do! 

There are several options for someone looking to try ear seeds. Many acupuncturists will place ear seeds for you when you come in for treatment. This allows you to know that your ear seeds are placed correctly. 

Since ear seeds may need to be placed every week, this may not be practical for many people. 

Visiting an acupuncturist several times a month or even several times a week can be prohibitively expensive for many people. There is also a factor of convenience—many communities don’t have trained acupuncturists operating, or the hours may be impractical for patients to be seen. 

One option that makes ear seeds much more accessible to the general population is an ear seed kit

These kits include everything you need to place ear seeds at home, including the pressure point chart. This is much more economical than regular visits to your acupuncturist, and you can place them at 3 AM on Sunday if that is when you need to—no more office hours!

Ear Seeds are a Safe Alternative to Invasive Treatments

Isn’t it comforting to know that there are such easy to maintain alternatives to aid with your body’s healing? No invasive treatments, no chemicals, and no needles.

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