What’s The Reason For Fashion Week?


If you are looking at fashion you might well get fed up with people asking this. The style industry frequently faces a barrage of critique, a lot of it greater than justified. But to state that fashion week is in some way pointless, frivolous or boring is definitely an insult. It’s insulting towards the many lots of people who work in the market, in the artists and designers who develop the concepts towards the hard workers who turn individuals conceptual dreams into reality. Furthermore, it points all over again towards the fundamental gender imbalance in today’s world.

We frequently hear that fashion is in some way flighty, pointless frippery that doesn’t deserve space around the TV schedule or column space within the press. How frequently will we hear how pointless football is, or any other popular sports? Fashion is definitely an talent and essentially, is all about the way we dress, our tribal affinities and freedom of expression. It’s not strictly essential for our survival, but you probably know this, hardly any is. Certainly football isn’t any more important our existence than fashion. Why is football treated so differently by this type of large swathe of society? It’s been contended that fashion is available in for a lot more derision since it is regarded as a ‘women’s thing’ while football is frequently regarded as a really masculine arena.

The style market is obviously covered with big names, both men and women. But it’s predominantly ladies who, within the general population, show a desire for fashion. That isn’t to state there are no men thinking about fashion week obviously, however the general perception is it is ladies who are interested in clothes and prefer to analyse how they look. Is the fact that why fashion is really frequently ignored in the manner it’s? On the other hand, is football in some way considered more ‘important’ since it is in the past and culturally really men preserve?

Sometimes this type of gender bias isn’t even conscious. Subconsciously many of us are conditioned through the society by which we develop and regrettably, in the western world, we’re indoctrinated with the thought of ‘frivolous female interests’. Fashion is creative, skilled, employs millions – yes, it’s an industry that accounts for many wrongs – however because of this alone, it’s not even close to frivolous. Fashion, negative and positive, is an extremely serious business.

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Fergal Mark
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