Why White Towels Are Actually Better 


Towels are an underrated part of your self-grooming process. If you are the type to bathe often, or even just dry yourself for various reasons, a towel is likely going to be seeing a LOT of use. Oftentimes, your towels likely start to smell off.

Not a severe smell, but a mild musk that you can’t seem to get off. This is the result of not letting them dry for long enough. Knowing when to wash towels is the best place to start, and the best towels are, surprisingly, white towels.

Why White Towels?

Maintaining  towels is a surprisingly finicky task. The two main problems are storage and knowing when to clean towels, which makes things a bit more complicated. To simplify the second problem, the solution given by several homecare experts is surprisingly simple: use white towels.

“Wait a minute!” you may suddenly shout. “Wouldn’t white towels be MORE prone to dirt?”

That’s only slightly true. In truth, white towels aren’t prone to being dirtier than colored towels are. Since it’s white however, you can see the stains much earlier.

This is one of the key components to why white towels are superior. It serves as an early warning to you to clean your towels. From sports athletes to car mechanics, a white towel is often the default towel you’ll be seeing them use.

How does it work?

White towels are so simple to clean. Every wash, you just bleach them a little, and it’s like they’re brand new. Mildew forms only in the most severe of weather conditions. It also retains a fresh smell much longer.

This isn’t just advice from suburban moms either. In professional settings, you will notice that most towels and napkins are a stark white. Towels in premium hotels are often clean for the same reasons as above. With just a little bleach for every wash, white towels retain a look that is as fresh as it smells.

Ease of Washing

Unlike colored towels, white towels are less likely to get bleach stains as well. In general, towels shouldn’t be used more than three times between washings for maximum cleanliness. Since keeping track of when you last used a towel is difficult, seeing how dirty it is simplifies the process.

Not to mention, white towels are also immune to fading. Technically, they’re already about as faded as they can be. Finally, for washing, having only white towels means no more worrying about separating colors on laundry day.

You can cycle white towels much easier since there’s no worry of getting the colors mixed up in the washing machine.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Aesthetically, white towels will always look great in your bathroom. Unlike other colors which may be “out of season”, white will always be a good choice.

Christmas? Fresh as the fallen snow. Easter? Eggs are white, aren’t they? Halloween? Skeletons and ghosts are a spooky white! For those who are particular about decoration and interior design, white towels are a perfect fit for just about any design.


White towels are the best towels to use all-around for any setting. For those at home, white towels are much easier to wash. A white towel makes itself known well before any smells start appearing. In a professional setting, such as a hotel, white towels serve every function you could possibly need of a towel.

They add a sense of aesthetic uniformity to any homestead. White towels also give off a vibe of cleanliness. Practically speaking, white towels are cost-efficient, as replacing them is simpler than colored towels. For your towel needs, white’s the way to go.

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