Why You Should Use A Vinyl If You Are A DJ


Are you a DJ who is looking to elevate their music mixing game to the next level? You need to shop vinyl records and start learning how to DJ with them as they are a serious game changer!

While it may seem bizarre to go so old school considering all the technology that is available to DJs, vinyl will always be the classic king, just like using film will always be important to photographers!

Not only will you stand out amongst a sea of digital teched-out DJs, but you will learn a true craft that not many other people can say they have mastered.

Here are all the reasons why you should use vinyl if you are a DJ.

  • It is the best teacher

Using vinyl actually gives you a true understanding of how to touch turntables, cue songs, and do a scratch technique. These skills will help DJs elevate their game and become much more advanced than others. Going old-school with this teaches you how to hone in on all the different sounds that a record can produce and learn that there really is an art form when it comes to scratching. You will also master the art of touch, which can make or break a DJ’s career! Plus, when you touch the actual grooves of the record, you become connected to the music in such a unique way that the passion will automatically ooze into the rest of the room. It is an intimate art form and vinyl is the best way to become a master of this.

  • You will learn to listen

If you are a DJ, you need to master turntables. But they open up DJs to airing any of their errors. Similarly, vinyl does the same! When you use vinyl, you are forced to listen to music differently as it produces sound differently. It will allow your set to become more precise, in sync, and utilize your musical instinct that all DJs have!

  • You can easily choose your song

While technology allows DJs to quickly access songs, technology is not foolproof and it can fail you. For example, if you had a song cued up and then there is a technological malfunction, your set is ruined. But these errors can easily be fixed if you use vinyl for your DJ set as you can instantly go to the song you want without costing you the whole performance! Using vinyl also allows DJs to elevate their playlists to a whole new level and mix a whole bunch of songs into a legendary set!

  • The set will sound better

Vinyl just sounds better. So naturally, DJs who use vinyl will have sets that sound better too. The waveforms are very different from the music that was created digitally versus produced on vinyl. DJs are passionate about creating all immersive sound experiences, which is why using vinyl as a DJ can really elevate any DJ’s performance and make the crowds go absolutely wild!

  • Feel accomplished

Using vinyl as a DJ takes time, energy, and commitment. You need to log a lot of hours to get it right. But the satisfaction from committing to learning a craft is so rewarding. Not only will it boost your confidence but it will also boost your opportunities as a DJ!

We’re just going to come out and say it, all DJs should be using vinyl! Not only does the music sound better, but they will be sharing a beautiful musical talent that makes the DJ performance so much more personable. Anyone can put together a bunch of songs online, but only the very best can master the art of DJing with vinyl!

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Fergal Mark
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