Working Out on the Beach


The warm sun, the softly-crashing waves, the bright blue sky—you love the beach.

Working out on the beach can be a different story, though. But, it doesn’t have to be.

There’s no better way to exercise than to get active on the sand or in the water. You’ll experience extra physical resistance and slowly increase your balance and stability by working against the forces of nature.

But, what should you know about working on the beach? How about the essentials and different types of workouts you can do?

Good. We can help.

Beach Workouts: Before You Go

It’s important to always start exercising slowly if you’re new to working out on the beach. Because of all of the extra micro-muscle work your body has to do to stabilize you while you’re on the sand, you’ll need to ease into your normal routine.

The unstable surface of the beach is due to shifting sand when you move around. This instability can cause injuries if you’re not careful. Be sure to warm up properly and to continuously listen to your body.

Smaller muscles, when doing bodyweight strength or running, will be worked out; you’ll feel a different soreness sensation the next day.

Your joints may be affected by the impact. Yes, sand is softer, but due to the extra stabilization needed to perform on the sand, you may be adding a different kind of stress to your joints. If you’ve had issues with your knees, hips, or back, it’s probably a good idea to talk with your physical therapist before doing a lot of exercise on a sandy surface.

Also, check the area of the beach where you want to work out to make sure you’re not stepping on any shells or detritus left by beachgoers. You don’t want to injure yourself during your exercise.

And last but not least, make sure you’re wearing appropriate performance clothing that can work both in and out of the water. For example, runners will want to invest in moisture-wicking, multi-stretch running shorts that will remain durable.

Different Work Outs for the Beach

There are a ton of exercises you can do on your days in the sun.

Here are a few work out options to get you started:

  • Run – Put on an awesome pair of running shorts and your favorite shoes for a nice beach run and enjoy the sunrise or sunset.
  • Volleyball – A classic and a favorite, bring a mobile net, and get your volley on with your friends and family for a dynamic work out.
  • Bodybuilding – Grab your weights and work out your arms while enjoying the beach breeze.
  • Yoga – Doing some simple poses on your towel can be really beneficial as long as you pay attention to your body’s limitations. Some people like to practice headstands on the beach as well.
  • Bootcamp – If you’re looking for a dynamic workout adventure, set up your very own assortment of different workouts, and you and your friends can push your body to the next level.

Really, you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to working out on the beach. They can range from reaching personal fitness goals to having an amazing outing with friends and family. Either way, it’s a win-win.

Why Not Work Out on the Beach?

It’s so great to feel the sun on you while you hear the crash of the waves against the beach’s edge. It’s even better to create endorphins and improve your physical fitness while enjoying the serenity and comfort.

The next time you head to the beach, bring some workout and sporting gear, and get ready for a good time.

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